Chapter one:culling the spiritsEdit

Culling the spirits is the first chapter of warcraft 4.It explains the fight between geetha's skirmishers and tomi's recruits.


unknown voice:Help,our village is in attack!!!

Prince Tomi Rainrider : Who's that! Do people always disturb my sleep in a tent?It only been 10 minutes since i landed here,and what else could happen!

Murloc tiderunner:Help us!we don't know who you are,but broad breasted women have woken up the fly chupacabra,an ancient plant,and have started attacking our village!Some of our men died,some of us fled like me in search of help,but our cheif,watergill,is still caught by those women!

Tomi:Oh,great! first she ransacks my empire, next she sends me here, and now, she breaks peace!

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